How do I know if I am getting a good price for my gold?
We always recommend getting more than one estimate for your gold jewelry.

How do I know what karat my gold is?
Most gold jewelry is stamped according to percentage of gold in the jewelry (10k for 41.7%, 14k for 58.5%, 18k for 75%, 22k for 91.6%, and 24k for 100% pure gold). To help ensure you receive the full value for your items, we have an in-house tooling system to tell the immediate gold purity.

Don’t all gold buyers pay the same?
No. The price can vary greatly from store to store. In fact, you will find that very few pay you top dollar for gold, silver jewelry, tea sets, and platinum.

Is white gold worth the same as yellow gold?
Yes. White gold and yellow gold contain the same amount of gold as a percentage. Most white gold today is coated, or plated, with rhodium. Gold jewelry manufacturers used to plate gold with nickel to give it a bright, silver finish. However, nickel can be irritating to the skin and is rare to see nickel plating these days.

How can I find out what the price of gold is today?
Visit one of our locations or call us for a current gold or silver spot quote. We are one of the few companies that provide you with a no-obligation quote over the phone and commit to paying you that price. This is the same reason we have customers from as far as 200 miles away who come to sell their gold to us.

How much is my silverware worth?
The price of silverware depends on the price of silver the day you decide to sell your silverware. Additionally, a highly-desirable silverware pattern can be worth more than just the silver itself.

How much is my silver flatware worth?
Sterling silver flatware is valued by weight and maker. Some flatware is best valued for its melt value, while other can be worth more based on the designer maker.

How can I tell if my silverware is real silver?
Most real sterling flatware will be stamped “sterling”, “925”, “84” or have the walking lion.

What is pure gold?
Pure gold is 24 karat gold and can be further refined to 0.99, 0.999, 0.9999, or 0.99999 (finest). Pure gold is very soft and pliable, so must jewelry also contains other metals to provide structure.


When did the U.S. stop putting silver in their coins?
The last year for 90% silver coinage in the United States was 1964, though during the years of 1965-1969 Kennedy Half Dollars did contain 40% silver (they were the only circulating U.S. coins to contain silver after 1964)

Is it OK to clean my coins?

Never clean your coins! Think of a coin like a piece of antique furniture; once you strip and varnish an antique piece, you have dramatically reduced its value by altering it from its original state. The same principle applies to coins. Once you have cleaned the coin, you have manipulated its originality, thus significantly lowering its value.

Do you purchase foreign coins and currency?
The only foreign coins we buy are gold and silver bullion coins such as the South African Krugerrand or the Canadian Maple Leaf and others like them. We will also buy old foreign coins containing precious metals or world coins and currency which have a recognized historical significance and a legitimate collector market. We do not buy common foreign coins or foreign paper currency.

Do you exchange foreign coins and currency back to U.S. currency?
No. For this type of service you must go to a foreign exchange service. Check with your local bank to see if they offer this service.

Are coins worth more the older they are?
In general, a coin’s value is determined by the quality of the coin and how many were minted versus the age of a coin. For example, a 1904 Morgan Silver Dollar can be worth substantially more than an 1878 Morgan Silver Dollar even though the latter is 26 years older.

Do silver coins contain an ounce of silver?
This is a common misconception about silver coins. A silver dollar is actually only 90% silver and 10% copper with the actual net silver weight being .77344 ounces of pure silver.


Why should I buy from Grizzly Gold & Silver?
We are a local company with a big reach. We buy enough product to get premium pricing. This allows us to offer you prices that you would normally only receive from the national coin and bullion companies.

How do I know the coins I am getting are real?
We take every effort to verify everything we sell. We only order bullion from reputable companies, and everything we buy from the secondary market is thoroughly checked for authenticity. Anything that we have a a question about, we do not sell, PERIOD!

How do I know the coins I bought are graded correctly?
We grade all coins based on ANA, PCGS, and NGC approved grading standards. Any problems seen, such as cleaning or damage, will be listed on the coin and priced accordingly. Please keep in mind that grading is subjective and mistakes do happen with varying opinions.

Are there any hidden costs?
No! The price we quote is the price you will pay.

Do you take credit cards?
Yes. Although, we do charge a 3% convenience fee on select items.

Do you take checks?
Yes. All check purchases are accepted at our sole discretion. All payments must be received within 5 days of order. We will hold the product for 10 business days for the funds to clear before shipping.
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